Our School has a wonderful selection of good quality second hand uniform. Please contact the school office and speak to Mrs Walsh. 

We have an alternative online Uniform suppliers.



ALL clothing should be labelled with the child’s name so that lost items can be easily identified.

We believe that wearing a uniform teaches our children to be proud of being a member of Great Corby School. Dressing smartly for school builds a sense of belonging and community and leads to fewer distractions in class.

There is no requirement to have the school logo embroidered on any clothing. However, if you do wish to purchase clothes with the school logo, these are available via BE Uniform, West Tower Street, Carlisle or the MyClothing website.

We also have a second-hand uniform shop. Please contact the school office for further information.


  • Skirts or pinafores - Grey, black or navy (knee length)
  • Dresses - Navy/grey dress or blue/navy gingham in summer
  • Trousers - Grey, black or navy (not leggings/jeans/joggers)
  • Shorts - Grey, black or navy (no sport logos e.g. Nike)
  • Jumpers - Navy blue sweatshirt
  • Shirts - Pale blue polo shirt
  • Cardigans - Navy (White may be worn in summer)
  • Socks/Tights - White or grey socks (below knee) or navy/grey tights.
  • Shoes - Black or navy sensible shoes/boats (not trainers). In the summer children can sandals which cover their toes.

Children can bring trainers/wellies to wear at playtimes but they must change into their school shoes quickly so they do not miss any of their lesson time.

All pupils must have a waterproof coat with a hood in school. These can be left in school if more convenient. For Forest School children will also need waterproof trousers (if possible) and suitable footwear.


Nursery pupils are welcome to wear uniform so that they feel a part of our school community – most choose to wear our uniform. We encourage nursery pupils to wear clothing that allows them to be independent, for ease when dressing and for personal care.


  • Shorts - Plain black/navy gym shorts/ leggings
  • T-shirt - White or navy, short-sleeved (no sport logos e.g. Nike)
  • Shoes - Trainers or plimsolls
  • Tracksuit - Navy joggers and zipped jacket (optional)
  • Hoodies - Navy hoodies (optional)

Long hair should be tied back for all activities.



Pupils may wear a single pair of stud earrings that they must be able to remove for PE and games lessons. No other jewellery may be worn to school although pupils may wear watches.

Parents who wish their child to wear jewellery in keeping with their religion/ethnicity should contact the school direct to discuss the individual requirements.

Only have your child’s ears pierced at the beginning of the summer holidays so they do not miss any PE lessons.

School will take no responsibility for injuries due to earrings or if they get lost. As per national guidelines, children cannot take part in PE without them taken out or covered up.

We appreciate that many children like to wear a watch and that this can be beneficial in learning to understand time.

Watches should only be used for this purpose in school, for example a smart watch must not be used to play games or communicate with others. Children may be asked to remove their watch for PE lessons. School will take no responsibility for any losses or damages.

Hair, Nails and Make-Up

Hair accessories should be plain black, grey or navy.

No nail polish is allowed and children will be asked to remove this before the next school day.

Make up should not be worn at any time during the school day. If a child comes into school wearing makeup, they will be asked to remove it.