Our Aims

We aim to:

Ensure everybody receives the individual opportunities necessary to reach their full potential.

Encourage and support all members of our school community to become self-motivated, independent and determined learners with the courage and resilience to adapt to new challenges.

Help our children to become caring, empathetic and trustworthy members of the school who respect the needs and rights of others.

Promote a respectful learning environment where collaborative learning prepares our children for their next steps.

Ensure our children know they have a voice and are able to question and debate in an articulate and appropriate way.

Encourage our children to be curious, enquiring, imaginative and investigative in order to solve problems in a variety of contexts.

Develop the reading, writing and mathematical skills our children require to live independently.

Ensure our children have opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge required to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Enable our children to experience and value a wide range of creative opportunities.

Develop our children’s understanding of the world we live in and their respect of other cultures, religions and beliefs.

Make our children aware of the impact history has, and continues to have, on us.

Encourage our children to explore new opportunities outside of school by giving them a wide range of opportunities to develop their interests and skills.

Ensure the school plays an active part in the wider community.